There’s a pop band in Poland unable to accept the winter is coming.

You might have already heard about the method we use to select songs/albums for presentation on beehype? We call it a double filter, as it’s a mix of what our local contributors collect and what our international listening team picks afterwards.

It is rare to see unanimous enthusiasm, when everyone from Japan to Argentina to Belgium to Greece says Yes! The last time we got it for a Polish artist was probably Maniucha i Ksawery, which was quite a surprise for such local music.

It was less surprising with the new single from niXes, since their music is as global as it gets. But still, getting a yes after yes and comments like “niXes’ sound makes my heart ache” does make you thinking.

Especially that some of the enthusiasm came from the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s not just about longing for sun, beach and swimming. (It was 0ºC this morning in Warsaw and it actually felt warm).

Coming back to niXes, they are still a relatively new band with just one self-titled album in their catalogue. But the frontwoman Ania Rusowicz is an experienced singer with a range of projects and mainstream recognition.

This so damn sunny video “Summer Waves” is niXes’ comeback single and probably the first taste of their upcoming second LP. It is so straighforward concerning its inspirations, feeling and the band’s intention that I’ll skip elaborating on it.

For some reason it works. I guess that regardless where we live, from time to time we’re all California dreamin’?


niXes on Facebook, Instagram.

Photo: Mateusz Bocian

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