No Land

One of the most exciting Turkish albums of this year comes from İstanbul-based collective No Land.

No Land formed in 2013 and their first record, “Aramızda” (Between Us), includes some of the songs that they have made since that day, especially in the first part.

Like their name, their music does not belong to any territory alone. Among the 10 tracks, there are songs both in Turkish and Azerbaijani, while their music is clearly a larger reflection on global influences rather than just of the territories of both countries.

Next to the guitar, bass and drums – trumpet, violin and cello enrich the texture and number of layers in their compositions. With an original tone of vocals and sensitive lyrics, No Land invites you to a magical road trip.

It sounds cliché, but your mind will change when you listen their music yourself. And you will likely join me in describing this experience as a “magical road trip”.

I can easily claim that “Aramızda” is one of the most exciting albums of 2016 from the Turkish scene.

Stream “Aramızda” LP on YouTube and Spotify.


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