No Land

Songs in Turkish, Persian and Russian in one album? That’s just the start of surprises No Land’s long-awaited second album will offer you.

After three long and anxious years, No Land released their second album at the beginning of February. If you ask why we were anxious it’s because they’ve once even announced that they disbanded. God knows what happened in the meantime, but they gathered again and now we have “Pusulası Kaybolmuş“.

Although we haven’t finished the first quarter of the year yet, I can easily foresee that this album will be in the best of 2019 lists. I also claim that their first album, “Aramızda” – which appeared in our Best of 2016 – is one of the best in this decade. Now you can easily understand why anyone feels anxious when there is a problem with this band.

In No Land’s second album, you will find songs in Persian and Russian besides Turkish ones. I picked the song which shared the name with the whole album, “Pusulası Kaybolmuş”, which means someone who lost one’s compass.

You will first hear Kamil Hajiyev’s charismatic voice, and then layer after layer, melody after melody, the song gets richer. This is why I love No Land’s music so much, it is always progressive and they know very well how to arrange a song. There is always a new tune or an instrument that makes you feel surprised. Maybe it is just the power of the music or it is the power of the hands that know how to use the music to impress people. In both cases, I’m accepting it.

It is highly recommended to listen to the whole album at least once, then I’m sure you’ll keep listening to it in a loop for a while. Both you and me are lucky because that is a very powerful start of 2019 recommendations from the Turkish scene, hope we will keep the quality as high as this one till the end of the year.

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