Barcelona-born, Brooklyn-based artist Gisela Fulla-Silvestre also known as NOIA gives us one of this fall’s most intriguing releases with her debut EP, “Habit”.

Released today via NY label Cascine, Mexico’s Buen Dia Records and GalaxxxySandwich in Spain, the record has been announced in September by the spectacular lead single “Nostalgia Del Futuro”. The song, NOIA explained, is “about the recurring and destructive feeling so many of us have of idealizing the future as a perfect place that we’re constantly striving for, but never actually reaching.”

Gisela’s airy vocals definie and crystalline production of her music – a reminder she’s got a scoring & sound design degree at the Berklee College of Music – are also true for three other tracks completing the EP. Those 13 minutes won’t be even close to make you satisfied with the album, but just enough to make you crazy curious about NOIA’s futuro.

While you can find “Habits” on Spotify and iTunes, here’s the fantastic lead single – which also has a splendid live version.


Photo: Maximilian Sándor Lakner

NOIA on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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