Nonku Phiri

Behold the goddess – experience a delightful journey, listening to Nonku Phiri’s new single “Sîfó,” an ode to grief.

“Sîfó” was written and produced by the South African singer Nonku and alongside her production partner Dion Monti, who also plays an integral role in her live performances.

Nonku had this to say about the song:

“‘Sîfó’ is an ode to grief. The track encourages a discourse surrounding the necessity of embracing our vulnerability in a time of great loss and the importance of acknowledging the habitual defeats of not living with intention.” So smart, beautiful, sad and strong.

It’s amazing how she succeed to harmonize the human voice with the electric machine which blends with the beat. Her voice is an instrument that gives warmth and soul to the electro-melodies.

Nonku Phiri stepped onto the scene at the age of 17, with a serendipitous collaboration with Jazzworx.

Since then she has proceeded to work with the internationally acclaimed Branko for magnificent single “Let Me Go”, as well as Swindle, Mr. Carmack, and the Classix, and the legendary Mahotella Queens.


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