After long, long nine years Norrda comes back with a shaking second album named “Sonu Yok”, which means “There is No End”.

Their first album, Infinite Face, was released in 2007 and in contrast to the new album all the songs were in English. But this time they prefer to sing in Turkish, probably feeling safer and native.

Norrda consist of three magician both of them take part in many different projects in different genres. But together, Deniz Cuylan, Selen Hünerli and Hakan Vreskala make a unique sound with only vocal, guitar and rhytms.

These three people are living in seperate parts of the world, which makes their meetings always exciting. Possibly influenced by long breaks, they can always find new stories within each others’ experiences.

While you can stream their new record “Sonu Yok” on Spotify, you should also check their debut album. And of all other projects of Norrda’s members, I would advise you to start with Nada and Portecho.


Photo: Zeynep Özkanca

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