Bror Forsgren

Timeless, velvety and, to put it directly, grand – that’s the kind of album Bror Forsgren has always dreamed of recording. His big dream came true with the release of his debut solo album, “Narcissus”.

The variety and sheer quality of the record’s material and its orchestrations can be easily explained with the 34 years old singer-songwriter’s previous experiences with bands like Jaga Jazzist, The Lionheart Brothers and Silence The Foe.

If most musicians leave their bands for a solo effort to scale things down a little bit, Bror only further expanded his visions. But his symphonic pop with its impressive arrangements preserves the lightness of the best 60/70s had to offer.

With his spiraling melodies and feathery voice, the Oslo-based artist takes us back to the mythical time “when the hate was still undone”, and “when God Was One”. As long as he sings for us, it feels like we’re still there.


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