Burning God Little

“Hver Natt” (Norwegian for “Every Night”) is an extract of Burning God Little’s debut album “Det e i mørke vi lyse“.

This fresh tune is undoubtedly enchanting. The dreamy electronica or self-classified “future pop” works perfectly with the light vocal.

Behind Burning God Little is Martin Hartgen, young artist originally from the Northern city of Tromsø now based in Oslo. In order to find the right sensitivity and tone of voice to this single, Martin got his little sister Kristine to sing.

No need to understand what she says in Tromsø dialect, as she totally succeeds to invite you on a three minutes journey anyway. “Hver Natt” or a mermaid’s chant have the same result: it carries you away. Close your eyes, and maybe you’ll suddenly find yourself someplace else.


Burning God Little on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

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