Einar Stray Orchestra

“Growing up is one of the album’s main topics. In the title track it gets discussed most explicitly. Adolescent naiveté, dealing with disillusion and perception at the same time,” Einar Stray tells us about the eponymous single off “Politricks”, the most recent album from his Orchestra.

“All this is part of the direction the band members have taken within the last four years, and which the album reflects,” he adds. “Politricks” is Einar Stray Orchestra’s second full-length albums (there’s also an EP), and since 2011 the Sandvika-based band has played about 200 concerts.

“We are five very different people in the band, coming from different backgrounds personally and musically – classical, folk, gospel, rock and jazz. We meet to make pop music,” Einar says. “Right now we are very excited about working on our third album which will be out next year.”


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