If you miss the times when female storytellers like Linda Perhacs or Vashti Bunyan ruled our minds and hearts, the Oslo-based singer-songwriter Phaedra might soon become your next queen.

What’s special about her version of psychedelic folk is the emotional ambiguity, as if she couldn’t decide whether to follow the “Blackwinged Night” (which is the title of her second album released this summer via Rune Grammofon) or the “Lightbeam” (which is the first single).

What’s sure is that both the voice and songwriting talent of Ingvlid Langgård’s – as that’s her real name – stand out from the Scandinavian and global music scene. And if she was born half a century earlier, and a few thousand kilometers to the west, today we would be probably quoting her name among those mentioned in the first sentence.


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