Sara Wolff

Majestic and intimate alt-folk.

Sara Wolff’s debut EP “When You Left the Room” comes off as a charming coming-of-age story. The singer-songwriter grew up in Bergen, Norway. While the city between the mountains is known to be a musical hub, Sara left it for Liverpool, to study at the Liverpool Insitute for Performing Arts (LIPA).

The lead single “Cotton Socks” is a minimalistic and delicate song with great lyrical efforts. “You Like Talking About Yourself” on the other hand got a fun playful groove. “Get Away for a While” is melancholic, yet a bit hopeful. Sara Wolff showcases wit and variety on “Bad Thoughts Compilation”. The lyrics resonate in light of the current shared human condition.

Since Sara is a part of the DIY generation, the tracks were naturally crafted in her home studio. Vocals were recorded in a duvet castle, to create the right atmosphere and keep dog barks from the street out of the recording.

While playing with genres the overall sound is guitar-centered. Some tracks might make the listener think of the whimsy artistry of fellow Norwegian Sondre Lerche, while it undeniably got that British sound. Last year Sara also appeared on Micayl’s electronic track “Cerulean”. It would be of great interest to witness the artist moving out of her comfort zone more often.

The highlight of the EP is “Hands”, a lush and dreamy composition. It might remind you of Sufjan Steven’s more recent electronic experiments. The video, directed by the artist herself is simple, yet breathtaking.

Sara Wolff is a promising artist whose talent already has a signature sound. With a little help from her musician friends, she has crafted a delightful collage of frequencies. Let’s hope it won’t be long till they can perform live for us.

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Photo: Marieke Macklon

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