Nova Norda

After just two singles we can already say Turkish electronic pop has a great new talent called Nova Norda.

Combining a beautiful vocal and a remarkable melody in music is a simple equation, but at the same time it cannot be easily resolved. Luckily, we have a name from Istanbul that solves this equation at this time.

Nova Norda has already signaled that she will come to a good place even if she has released only 2 songs to date.

Her latest, second single “Dinozorlar” (you can guess its translation) has amusing lyrics and enriched composition, which is a good sign for her future.

Released just a few weeks earlier, Nova Norda’s first single “Çıktım Bi Yola” (which could be translated as “I’m on the Road”, but a little bit twisted) had a clean electronic music experience with piano details.

We will be following the road she took as long as she keeps publishing such beautiful songs.


Nova Norda on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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