Nova Norda

While we’re waiting for the end of the world.

We have been watching a young woman’s adventurous musical journey and it is great to witness and experience it. Since we last mentioned her name on beehype, she released many powerful singles. And one of the best things about Nova Norda is that after she’s released a single, she will probably release an acoustic version soon – which gives you the chance to evaluate the quality of the song in many different ways.

The last bomb from her is “Kim Üzdü Seni” (“Who made you sad?”). Lyrics, music, and arrangement belong to Nova Norda herself. Directors of the video are Ali Demirel and İpek Ural who tell a story about “what you have to do before a meteor strikes the world”. There are some hidden messages in the book (such as learn to trust, be brave, etc.) that she is reading in the video, and that book has the same name – what you have to do before a meteor strikes the world.

It is like our world nowadays, we are waiting for the end of the world not because of a meteor, but because of Corona. Let’s listen to this beautiful song and enjoy your time watching the video, and please stay at home! That’s a very good time to explore new beautiful music and also relisten the ones that you already explored. Why shouldn’t we appreciate it?


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