N'toko & Gramatik

Gramatik is without doubt one of the most successful Slovenian musicians abroad. He lives & works in US, tours world’s biggest festivals and sells out Red Rocks. Wow!

On the other hand N’toko is one of the most prominent Slovenian rappers always showing a mirror to his audience and himself. He’s also no stranger to audiences abroad. He’s released 2 albums in Japan and performed quite a few gigs there, while he also toured most of Europe and even played the big bad Glastonbury.

If you read some of the thoughts Gramatik shares in his interviews you can quickly guess he’s quite aware of the world around us and has his opinion on several themes. While N’toko even makes his beats sound like social commentary, so no wonder the two saw sense in making something together.

“Slovenec vn” is actually an update, a 2.0 (if you want) of N’toko’s 2005 single “Slovenec sem“. While he cynically mastered what being a Slovenian is in the original, the 2.0 version comes with an updated punchy beat reworked by Gramatik and N’toko’s lyrics dealing with Slovenians moving out, promised success abroad and a local view on the topic. Slovenian out…


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