Nuevo Bravo

Drawing from late 90s grunge and post-rock and stoner rock, Nuevo Bravo is a brand new band from Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

Nuevo Bravo was tempestuously born during a series of recording session amongst friends. Some of them presently joint parts of other bands in the local scene, and a duo of brothers on drum and vocal duties.

I first heard them in their debut concert at Café Democrático and was tremendously excited by the energetic, raw sound they brought to the table. They seem to draw heavily from late 90s grunge, post-rock, and at times stoner rock.

The product of the recording session is slated to come out soon, and aside from “Miel”, you can already listen to “Ojo Seco” (with a video featuring “El Loco Que Ama”) over on YouTube.


Photo: Annia Fotografía

Nuevo Bravo on Facebook, YouTube.

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