Less than a year after being formed in Bratislava, the three-piece group Núku released their debut album this spring, offering the most undescribable music we heard recently.

They called their record “Krútňava”, or “Whirlpool”, because “that is how you are supposed to feel while listening to this album”. And these 35 minutes indeed offer a kaleidoscopic experience, combining Alex Lukáčová’s dreamy vocals, multilayered (modular) synths by Adam Dekan and (both electronic and analog) drumming of Martin Madro.

Whether it’s jazzy songwriting, retro electronica or avant improvisation depends on which of the members you’re listening most closely at the given moment.

Núku have just started presenting their material live and this weekend they are going to appear at Pohoda Festival in Trenčín in western Slovakia, alongside other local talents like The Ills, Katarzia, Jana Kirschner, Walter Schnitzelsson and many more.

In case you cannot be there, find some consolation in “Krútňava” LP, which you can stream in its entirety here.


Núku on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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