Núria Graham

This year you can see her at the leading music festivals in Spain. Next year you should hope to hear Núria Graham at your local events.

The singer-songwriter Núria Graham was only 17 years old when she released her first album called “Bird Eyes“, back in 2015.

Now she’s 21, and her presence in three of the best Spanish festivals for this summer – such as Primavera Sound, Mad Cool and Vida Festival – is an important step forward for the young singer with the brightest future on the music scene in Spain.

Does It Ring a Bell?“, Graham’s third LP released late last year, is so natural that her talent becomes unquestionable.

Her music moves easily between folk, soul and psychedelia, personal and deep lyrics, and a powerful voice that hypnotizes from the first letter.

The new video “Bird hits its head against the wall” is a clear example of this. A relaxed voice, simple and personal lyrics and the guitar melodies are a delight that will not be difficult to catch you.

You might also check out her previous clip, “Smile on the grass”, a bit more upbeat 3-minute song with a beautiful vocalise in the chorus.

Stream “Does It Ring a Bell?” LP on Spotify.


Photo: Sílvia Poch

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