Tokyo-based male-female acid folk duo NUUAMM’s concept is: “We sew the night. We knit the morning”.

In an interview for, one half of the duo Mahito the People – who is also frontman of rock band GEZAN – said: “I have a feeling that we are fighting someone when I am in GEZAN. But I need a rest from that fight.”

He explains that Nuuamm’s second LP’s title “w/ave” is about stopping a wave, which has always been flowing in our daily life. “NUUAMM is symbol of the way to spend time,” his musical partner Ichiko Aoba said.

“NUUAMM is vulnerable but it runs by me to protect me with strong belief, which helps me so much.”

Their song “Moon Hill” tells us about fantasy when our soul sometimes goes out from our body, sometimes goes back to our body, but their song also tells us that our daily life is matter as same as fantasy.

Actually, we must go back to reality because this song ends with train’s announcement that has arrived to Sapporo, on the northern island of Japan.

But if you want to prolong the otherwordly experience, you can also watch Nuuamm’s two official videos, “Menoo” released in June and the new clip “Maho” below:


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