Perfect melodies with undeniable export potential is what trio Nvmeri bring us on their long-awaited new release, “I Don’t Think So”.

First there were The Uniques – an interesting trio trying to “make it” in Berlin. Unfortunately, they didn’t. So they came back to Slovakia and became an integral part of local alternative scene. Their debut “From the Dust” (2010) was a thrilling record full of melodies and world-class sound.

In 2013 they changed their name from The Uniques to Nvmeri. Firstly, because they wanted to make a truly conceptual album. Secondly, and let’s be honest here, The Uniques was not a really original name and the band started to realize that.

That’s how Nvmeri were born, a still young but already reborn band releasing their self-titled second debut in 2013.

Since then they have been releasing singles and constantly talking about their second album which finally came to be this summer.

The difference between their beginnings and latest release titled “I Don’t Think So” is impossible to ignore. Nvmeri are far more groovy, loose and no longer obsessed with the conceptual idea.

They “just” create perfect melodies with undeniable export potential.

Stream “I Don’t Think So” LP in its entirety here.


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