New rising star of “Masterskaya” label, founded by Ivan Dorn, with its studio debut.

Funky dance indietronica, seasoned with house and beautiful, dreamy old-school synth pads/atmospheres, more pronounced in “Лелека”, “Добре” and divine electrosoul lullaby “Летючий Корабель” (“The Flying Ship”).

That trick, as a very specific part of topical today ‘90s revival, was trendsetted in Ukraine for the first time by Olya Dibrova and her former band “DVOE”, who released a very underrated, but absolutely landmark for music fashion “Suite” EP, full of 90s grooves.

Like them, [O] is yet another female-fronted boy-girl tandem, but we were fascinated by how the singer reveals all the hidden tenderness of Ukrainian language, with a delicacy that only girls can do. And using of diminutive suffixes only adds more loveliness to the already cute songs ^_^ Hope they’ll become the next big thing in their homeland.

Stream “Самий Сок” on Spotify.


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