Octa Push

Portugese brother duo Octa Push have invited almost two dozen guests for their new album to show the varietety of their country’s incredible culture mixture.

Língua” is a follow-up to their 2013 album, “Oito“, which seemed to be less focused on their home territory. Released this autumn, their new full-length effort revolves around the Portugese língua, as people involved in the project come from Portugal, Portugese-speaking countries in Africa or from Brazil.

The latest single off the album, “Gaia Cósmica” is a great example of what such semi-multi-cultural mix can bring. For this collaboration, Lisbon’s Cachupa Psicadélica provided vocals and viola, why João Gomes – from the Brazilian group Orelha Negra – brought additional keys.

A four-minute trip into the outer space, “Gaia Cósmica” actually celebrates of all those good souls who keep using their energy to make our planet a better place.

Stream “Língua” LP here.


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