Odottebakari no Kuni (踊ってばかりの国)

Composed in the southern island of Okinawa, new abum from Odottebakari no Kuni combines Japanese folk with psychedelic rock and supernatural atmosphere.

Odottebakari no Kuni (踊ってばかりの国) was formed in 2008 in Kobe, but now they are based in Tokyo. Last month, they released their 8th album called “moana”.

Singer and guitarist Koji Shimotsu (下津光史) loves Japanese ’70s folk music like Happy End or Yumi Arai to ’90s indie rock bands like Fishmans or BO GUMBOS. In addition, he also respects Duane Allman, Lou Reed and Devendra Banhart.

As the result, Odottebakari no Kuni play Japanese folk melodies mixed with western music like jazz, blues, country and psychedelic rock.

Last year, Odottebakari no Kuni went to the southern island of Okinawa to write and compose all songs for their new album. They stayed in a building named Octagon Hall – nearby BO GUMBOS’ singer Donto is buried.

Koji Shimotsu sometimes enjoyed Yoga or meditation, surrounded by the sea. Sometimes he looked there for words and melodies. That is the reason why new songs have supernatural atmosphere.

Koji Shimotsu also released his solo 2nd solo album “Transient world” in March this year. “Moana” and “Transient world” are, so to speak, twins albums born in Okinawa.

These albums have common theme. We should not fight each other. We are all children on the globe, mother nature, Earth. We’d better grow love in our minds.

Stream “moana” LP on Spotify.


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