Odyn v Kanoe

Acoustic trio from Lviv presents their debut videoclip after ten years of active work.

Odyn v Kanoe (Один в каное), or The One in a Canoe, was created in Lviv and for a long time kept their focus solely on live performances. At the beginning, fans enjoyed their music with the help of bootlegs only.

Throughout the career, Один в каное played plenty of gigs not only in Ukraine, but also in Prague, Paris, Cambridge, Minsk and Gdansk. The band is considered to be a real phenomenon since they managed to build a fan community and draw attention without big budgets, industry support or huge releases.

In ten years the band has released only one album and this year presented the first videoclip called У “мене немає дому” (“U mene nemaie domu”), which means “I Don’t Have a Home”.

The quality of the video was so high that many misunderstood this video as a soundtrack to a movie. The story has some connections with Ukrainian myths, while lyrics refers to the search of home and painful sense of belonging to something.

Judging by the feedback from the audience, this debut video was worth waiting.


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