Ogre You Asshole

Influenced by psychedelic rock and AOR like Ariel Pink or Timmy Thomas, indie rock quartet Ogre You Asshole recently released their 7th LP “Everythingsomethingnothing”, which has a mellow but suppressed mood throughout the album.

They seem to play popular old songs or jazz standards. Sometimes, they prefer krautrock rhythms or blue-eyed soul. As if they tried to add every music element they can find across the world. But at the same time, something has been getting lost in their songs. Eventually, no emotions seem to be left. But the music still moves us deeply.

The first video off Ogre You Asshole’s new self-produced album, “Lost, Sigh, Days”, was filmed in a forest in their hometown Nagano. Minimal but mellow and beautiful. It might be their ideal of music. I can’t help but imagine their songs being played in an old local bar somewhere out there in the world. Someone sheds a tear while drinking beer.

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