Ohzora Kimishima (君島大空)

Wavering between pop and experimental, Ohzora Kimishima presents his new EP influenced by free jazz, no wave and even progressive metal.

In summer last year, we wrote about an impressive single called “Sandō” (散瞳) from Tokyo-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Ohzora Kimishima (君島大空). Now a few weeks ago, he released his second EP called “Hōsō” (縫層, or “Sewing Layer”), which includes that single as well as a new song called “Shōshi”(笑止, “Ridiculous”) among others.

“I thought it would be interesting if vocals were added to Marc Ribot’s album ‘Requiem for What’s His Name'”, Ohzora Kimishima said in an interview for “Music Magazine”. He loves anything from free jazz like Ribot’s (Tom Waits, Lounge Lizards, etc.) to metal bands like Dream Theater.

So on his new EP, he tried to achieve the unexpected dynamics of free jazz, and at same time, he wanted his music to be bloody and masculine with complicated progress. And that’s especially true in the case of “Shōshi”.

Stream “Hōsō” EP on Spotify.


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