Every dog in this video is – or hopefully was – up for adoption.

Adopt, don’t shop is a common slogan for animal lovers when they’re looking for a new buddy. Why buy from breeders when you can make an “orphan” happy? Do you agree?

Okamy definitely does, and even promotes this in the video of “So Wrong”, starring a bunch of gorgeous dogs that are all up for adoption. The girl and the boy from the clip are presumably not available for the same purpose.

Apart from this honourable gesture, which in itself would not suffice for some attention on beehype, “So Wrong” is also a very attractive song with an extremely catchy melody and enticing vocals by Okamy and Nina Kortekaas.

Both dancing and singing along should be a piece of cake while listening to this inviting tune.

If you think you recognise one or both voices, you may be right, as Okamy is the solo project of Gordon, the singer of Recorders, a Belgian band that featured on beehype with “Lost at Sea” in 2016. Moreover, Nina Kortekaas, who is appearing here as a guest, is the vocalist and songwriter of Noa Lee, who attracted our attention with “Blue Ruin” in 2019.

“So Wrong” can be found on Okamy’s debut album “The Apocalypse Is Underwhelming”, which was released at the end of October. While you can’t adopt the album, we recommend you buy it to support the artist, or head over to one of the streaming platforms to enjoy all the songs.


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