Ola Kvernberg

It’s hard to talk about Norwegian music without talking about contemporary jazz. Kvernberg, who plays the violin, is a pioneer in the game and the album “Steamdome” is nothing but another masterpiece.

The difference, however, is that he has taken six of Norway’s greatest musicians with him – together shaping the band with the same name: “Steamdome”. Somehow, this takes your perception of jazz to a quite new level.

No one can probably describe it better than Kvernberg himself did to Norwegian publication GAFFA before the release of the album: “I have been pondering quite a lot and reached a new phase: I am not going to be as stressed about everything I ‘should’ be, but stop overthinking: just play and make music.” With “Steamdome” you will be surprised by what a man with a fiddle and his band can make jazz sound like.


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