OM Collective

It’s been a while since psychedelia sounded as fresh as on “Psilies Kite”, the first single of OM Collective. Contrary to what the name suggests – a solo project of Sydney producer Tim Ferson.

It took him seven long years to finish this single, but first – there’s been a hard drive crash on the way that swallowed half of the material he’d already recorded. And second, those 5 minutes will give you more experiences to digest than most full-length albums.

“Psilies Kite” features James Blackwood on lead vocals with Holly Martin and Ferson himself backing him up. It’s the first taste of OM Collective’s upcoming debut LP, “A Collection of Mr. Kite’s Open Mind”, which is supposed to remind us that music is not just music – but could and should be a spiritual experience. Let’s pray.

You can also check OM Collective’s newest track, “Luce De Dieu”, featuring Jacob Pearson, right here.


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