Omar Ernesto

Dominican pianist, composer, poet and singer living in Chicago.

The Dominican Republic is full of talents, no doubt about it. We witness how on a weekly basis, new and interesting projects come to life. Today I want to go a little further and talk diaspora. Those who like me are scattered around the globe for x or y reasons.

Omar Ernesto belongs in this category. A classical pianist, composer, writer, and poet who lives in Chicago, Ill. (U.S.A.). Back in 2018 Omar introduced his first production “Moríviví Vol. 1“. In “Moríviví”, the versatility of his voice is the protagonist, accompanied by a trove of fresh musical ideas, and lyrics that step away from the popular format.

Now, Omar Ernesto brings us a new song: “Miedo”. It only takes a few seconds to appreciate the quality of his voice, and immediately you will start searching in your brain the resemblance to someone else.

The song builds up into a crescendo offering us the hook, effect choruses, bit of electronics and a kind of “rap” at a given moment. All of this wraps us in a very interesting sound experience.


Omar Ernesto on Instagram, Facebook.

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