Folk, electronica, hip-hop and tribal sounds – these components make ONI’s music sound like natural alternative pop.

Mayumi Saeki a.k.a. ONI (and also guitarist of Afrirampo) shared her third full-length effort titled “Ikimono” (meaning “Life” or “Animal”).

As the title suggests, she and her friends play and perform like animals. And she seems to enjoy it.

Many guest musicians have been invited to the studio, such as Chinza Dopeness rapping on “Oh!cha!” (“Oh!Tea!”) and Yoshie Nakano from EGO-WRAPPIN’ singing on “Ajisai” (“Hydrangea”).

Listening to this album, you’ll feel like playing around with them, in the sun, in the great nature.

Stream “Ikimono” LP on Spotify.


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Photo: @muraikaori

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