ONUKA is the solo project by Ukrainian musician Nata Zhyzhchenko (yes, I know it’s almost impossible to pronounce in English), and one more project which was produced by the Maneken. Her peculiarity lies in using modern electro sound with traditional Ukrainian instruments.

ONUKA became one of the greatest new artists last year in Ukraine with her debut album simply titled “Onuka”. She also won the Sziget contest and performed at the festival. It’s one of the best examples of the modern Ukranian sound, with lots of music critics calling this project “the hope of Ukrainian pop-music.”

Recently, she released an English version of her deservedly hit single “Misto”, meaning “City”, which you can check out here. Here’s the original version, which we admittedly prefer:

You can stream “Onuka” LP in its entirety here.


ONUKA on Soundcloud, Facebook, VK, YouTube.

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