Onuka’s latest EP “Vidlik” (“Count-down”) is dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster, its influence on Ukraine and the whole world.

The singer’s father was a disaster fighter, that’s why her childhood was full of stories about this tragedy. Now she decided to speak about it.

The band used, as usual, ethnic Ukrainian instruments to create a unique sound. However, this time they also used records of talks between CNPP’s controllers, the voice of Google Translate and – for the first time – cimbalom, lyre, buhay and electro instrument theremin.

The album is full of sense and it’s aimed to remind people about the tragedy on CNPP and its consequences.

“Vidlik” is an album which makes you stop and think about the past and the influence of this disaster on our present and future.

Lyrics provide an important message, which in the end, empowered by music, hits you! Another authentic and unique piece of work by Onuka.

You can stream “Vidlik” EP in its entirety here.


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