Open Reel Ensemble

Open Reel Ensemble actually play five open reels, adding a violin, bass guitar and percussion. Their music is a perfect fusion of analog instruments and digital technology.

“I have remodeled open reel to work by itself, and to be able to control it by iPhone. Because I had found that open reel’s sound and having the ability to move while operating it brings great results,” Ei Wada, the leader of Tokyo-based quintet Open Reel Ensemble, explained in an interview with OTOTOY.

In 2015, they released their second album called “Vocal Code”. And according to its title, it’s their collaboration with various guest musicians and their individual vocal codes.

Here’s a recent video off the album, “回・転・旅・行・記”, featuring acclaimed singer-songwriter Tavito Nanao (七尾旅人).

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