Meet the second, much more passionate, intimate and adult album of Moscow indie-pop trio OQJAV.

All members of OQJAV – you might have heard about them when they were still called Okudzhav – are experienced musicians. They also take part in other quite notable projects: Katia Pavlova is also member of Obe Dve, Daniil is musician in La Vtornik.

Their song “Pered Sexom” (meaning “Before Sex”) has appeared in the official soundtrack of the popular Russian television series “Londongrad”.

Their new album titled “Marta” inherits the sound of quietly and brooding indie pop. Intimate lyrics are often about how man is generally sad and embarrassing in relationships.

While you can stream the whole album on OQJAV’s Soundcloud, I recommend to listen nostalgic postcard to adulthood time “Девяностые” (Nineties), electro-pop “Аэробика” (Aerobics) and beautiful in its simplicity thing “Китай-город” (China town district in Moscow).

The second one, “Аэробика”, has recently received a psychedelic visual treatment from the director Anton Morozov:


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