After surviving a temporary crisis that got them close to disbanding, one of Russia’s most talented contemporary projects is back with a new EP that

Okudzhav, or OQJAV as that’s what they prefer to be called these days, were among the first bands we introduced on beehype just after our launch. They impressed us with the atmosphere of their music and quality of their introverted songwriting – we’ve never stopped singing the verses of “Vzroslye”.

Since then, two original members of the trio seemed to find it harder and harder to find time for the project. Around a year ago the leader Vadik Korolev contemplated giving up OQJAV completely, but eventually decided to re-invent OQJAV with new musicians.

The new 4-track EP “Predatel” (“Предатель”), which means “Traitor”, is a demonstration of OQJAV’s new sound, new attitude and – naturally – a package of Korolev’s new themes as catchy as in previous years.

“Melancholy, despair, love, comfort, mountains in the snow and killing ducks for fun” is how Korolev himself talks about OQJAV’s music. And that’s just the EP – his reinvented project is expected to come back with a full-length album early next year.

Stream “Predatel” EP on Soundcloud.


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