Origami Wings (Крылья Оригами)

Hailing from Tashkent, Крылья Оригами – or Origami Wings – are one of the leading alternative bands from Uzbekistan. Renowned for their catchy, melodic rock, they are eager to present their music to the world.

Origami Wings was formed in 2000 by Ashot Danielyan, a philologist specialising in Japanese culture. Since their formation the group has concerted extensively in their home country, winning several awards along the way. Finally, they released their debut album, “Wings of Origami,” in 2010, to critical acclaim.

One of their new songs, “Три сердца осьминога” (Three-heart octopus), is a classic rock ballad, combining guitars with piano and strings, as well as incorporating male and female vocals.

This particular single presents a more sensitive side of the Uzbek band’s music, emphasizing its lush arrangements and sentimental atmosphere.

However, for their typical blend of catchy melodies and fuzzed guitars , you can check out Origami Wings’ latest single simply called “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll”.


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