Between melancholic Parisian views and sunny Corsican landscapes, Orouni’s recent video moves us with its simplicity and authenticity.

Talented Rémi Antoni, who leads the folk-pop project Orouni, recently released a video clip for his moving single “No News is Bad News”, taken from last year’s “Partitions” album.

The sentence “No news is bad news” runs counter the famous French adage “Pas de nouvelles, bonnes nouvelles!” – “No news is good news”. A poetic and clever way to express a feeling of sadness, without too much pathos, that we can also perceive in Orouni’s restrained music style and, most of all, in this song’s concept.

Dealing with narrator’s mood changes (from worry to appeasement), whose lover doesn’t give him news, the track is buffeted between different states of mind and perceptions. Orouni translates it into a creative patchwork of rhythms and melody variations which, nonetheless, wouldn’t have the same impact if they were divided into different songs.

Like a cat landing on its feet, “No News is Bad News” serenely resumes its course after each little break, and the video alternates between melancholic Parisian views and sunny Corsican landscapes. A metaphor everyone can relate on, in their life, when the only thing they can do is moving on.

Like greatest folk songs, “No News is Bad News” moves us with its simplicity and authenticity. Like architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say, “less is more”, and Orouni does it perfectly.


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