Our Shame (凹與山)

On their debut EP, Taiwanese duo Our Shame (凹與山) emerge as one of the most exciting new projects in the music scene in the region.

Our Shame started producing music during their school days. It a talented acoustic/folktronica duo consisting of the singer-songwriter Estelle H and the percussionist Isan.

Good Things Happen” (一切好事都會發生) is their home-recorded debut EP, full of beautiful melodies, delicate sounds and exquisite compositions.

The video “Richard” (理查) is a tragic story about the sky king Richard Russell who stole a Horizon Air plane from the Sea-Tac Airport to complete his flying dream. It is dedicated to those who work hard and strive to live in the search of their dreams.

Stream “Good Things Happen” EP on Spotify.


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