Our Shame (凹與山)

On their debut album, Taiwanese duo Our Shame expands their sound, but keep the focus on soul.

It’s three years since we wrote about the debut EP of the Taiwanese duo Our Shame (凹與山), who from the very started seemed like one of the most interesting new bands in the country and the region. Now so new actually, since the the singer-songwriter Estelle H and the percussionist Isan started to make music together in the school.

Their electric folk expands to completely new territories on “Modern Problem”, their proper full-length debut that came out digitally in August, and a month later in physical version. It adds hip-hop, club music and ambient sounds to the sound palette, and the arrangements cover half of the music genres the last century brought us.

First of all though, Our Shame is about emotions, melodies and beautiful vocals, and the eponymous song “Modern Problem” is the best example – also bringing LINION’s vocals and making a perfect female/male balance. And balance is the key work to describe Our Shape at this fascinating stage of their career, which we believe is just a beginning for them as a band, and for us as their fans.

Stream “Modern Problem” LP on Spotify.


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Photo: @hazel_chiu_

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