Paige Su (蘇珮卿)

Paige Su is a natural born singer-songwriter of the new Taiwan pop music generation.

Compared with other musicians in the traditional music industry, Paige Su is quite unique since her major instrument is electric harp.

Paige began her music career after graduating from the University of North Texas (majoring in flute and harp). She has composed music for musicals and performed as a jazz singer. Her music contains many different styles, ranging from classical, jazz, electronic and even gamelan and Carnatic music.

Her debut album, “We’re All Lonely Souls” (我們都是寂寞的), is produced by the famous producer George Chen (陳建騏), adding electronic flavor with Indian musical mythology, discussing the loneliness in different life periods.

The audience certainly shall not miss this music fairy with her unique music compositions.

Stream “We’re All Lonely Souls” LP on Spotify.


Photo credit: 阿全 (小岳)

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