PAKK (팎)

The evil world is collapsing in PAKK’s first studio album, “Salpuri”. South Korean heavy-psych act PAKK drive out the malicious energy with blazing, thunderous roar.

The word ‘Salpuri’ is traditional exorcism of ancient Korean culture by shaman-priest called ‘Mudang’, and that is exactly described in pseudo-folk painting of album art. Cut the head of wicked energy, or ‘Sal’, by the blade made of furious rock.

Kim Dae-In, the musician who created PAKK, was also the main member of indie pop/shoegaze project Jellyfish Boy (해파리소년) and hard rock band Apollo 18. His music has become heavier and heavier, and PAKK is the fiercest project ever. Based on heavy psychedelic rock, “Salpuri” combine the elements of various heavy rock such as stacking-up structure of post-rock, raging screaming of screamo, and abrupt change of pace like mathcore.

Fury is the important emotion in rock history. That’s because the bands established on fury do not just throw out their own rage, but resonate their wrath with people who listen to their music. PAKK exactly knows how to deal with fury with our emotion. The power of “Salpuri” compels the evil.


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