Pale Grey

Good music is not about borders, that’s one of the first things you notice when visiting beehype.

This being said, it can be very tough for artists to get their music heard outside their home country. In Belgium, it’s even more complex: as we have 3 official languages, it takes a lot of effort to gather fans nationwide, even when you sing in English.

Pale Grey comes from the French speaking region, and has been pretty successful for almost ten years now in that part of the country. Bit by bit, the Dutch speaking side is discovering this brilliant band, and their recent single called ‘Billy” will certainly help.

“Billy” consists of many layers and very interesting dynamics, practically converting post-rock tactics to a dream pop song. It starts with some extremely introvert percussion followed by a warm voice and almost cozy electronics. Just over halfway it bursts into an crushing fountain of electronic sounds and an overwhelming bass.

Basically, it has everything a song needs to have in 2017 and it’s is timeless at the same time.

“Billy” comes off Pale Grey’s new EP “Ghosts”, which you can stream on Spotify.


Photo: Bettina Genten

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