Pam Risourié

Between nocturnal shoegaze and noisy lo-fi pop, meet the new French band called Pam Risourié.

This Parisian band made a promising start at the end of last year. After their first EP “Rituals” in October, they revealed the first video “Night Flowers” taken from their new record, “Noctessa“, which today has its premiere.

Revolving somewhere between nocturnal shoegaze and noisy lo-fi pop, as introduced in “Noctessa’s” first seconds of visceral distorsion, Pam Risourié’s music immediately evokes some cult acts such as Slowdive and Sonic Youth.

Impression of solitude is felt in the distant, echoed vocals and simple but gentle guitars riffs, as in the beautiful second single “Cinnamon Leaves”. It reminds me in particular about the empty spaces of Slowdive’s masterpiece “Pygmalion”.

This ambience is strengthened by Pam Risourié’s lyrics about people’s “hidden, internalised life” and “restrained feelings”.

Recorded by Alexis Fugain from the well-known indie band Biche, “Noctessa” is said to mark a new trajectory towards more direct pop inclinations. This results in a subtle use of their references, in favour of a more personal vision.

They could have lost themselves into unnecessary drones, experimentations or reverb, as shoegaze is sometimes (at its worst) assimilated with some kind of a “poseur” attitude. But this cultural legacy is nicely balanced and never covers the songwriting qualities.

On the other hand, the EP’s dazzling closer “Night Flowers” has more similarities (especially in its vocal parts) with My Bloody Valentine’s paradoxically expansive and muffled sound – this haunting and pulsatile wall of sound we can hear for example on their song “Sometimes”.

Placed at the end of “Noctessa”, it effectively expands Pam Risourié’s sound and put us on a dreamlike state that lasts long after the music has faded.

Stream “Noctessa” EP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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Photo: Juliette Delivertoux

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