Czech Republic finds its own Owen Pallett. This pigeonhole sticks to Pandoo since the beginning but, hopefully, it won’t be connected with him forever.

Pandoo is, in fact, a blooming experimental pop phenomenon which doesn´t deserve to be accuse of an eclecticism. Jan Hrubý, currently living in Paris and styduing philosophy at Sorbonna University, has always admired classical music and that’s audible in his own material.

His main instrument is the violin, which he uses together with a looper and discreet electronics and other complements to create a chamber and very flowery melodies full of healthy weirdness, playfulness, delicate positivity and poetic introversity.

These days he is working on his debut EP and we can find only two songs and few excerpts on his Soundcloud so far. But the single “On My Way” proves we are facing one of the most unique and unconventional musicians of the Czech scene in last years. Pandoo’s combination of frisky experiments and folky songfulness has a great potential.


Pandoo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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