Parks, Squares and Alleys

Parks, Squares and Alleys is my personal favs from Russian independent music scene. They are a real nugget in numerous indie pop bands appeared last few years.

Though the band’s last album, “Against Illusions and Reality”, was released back in September – and the band themselves appeared in our Best of 2015 – the video for “We’re Not Just Friends” was published in 2016.

It takes us back to sunny days of early Autumn with its nice dream-pop sound, as light and fresh as unexpected warm weather and sunshine can make you feel .

Sergey Khavro, author of all songs and leader of the project, writes touchy songs with electric guitar, keyboards, and other instruments.

Parks, Squares & Alleys take their audience with ease and immediacy – as if for the author of these songs to play music is as natural and necessary as breathing.


Parks, Squares and Alleys on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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