Pau Vallvé

So it goes. Pau Vallvé is a real self-made man of the Catalonian scene. Musician and designer, now he adds a new facet to the list: self-publisher.

He has eliminated all the intermediaries between artist and audience, even taking care of the packaging. After 14 releases – including “Estanislau Verdet” and “U_mä” – he has decided to produce his new album all by himself, with a great attention to the detail.

“Pels dies bons” is all about the mystery of the interrelationships, while sonically it collects the best of Vallve’s last CD’s. Folkie spirit – some kind of Eddie Vedder on “Into the Wild” – Radiohead vocals, some of the Cure’s sadness, and post-rock structures to finish off.

Vallvé has shown that more control over the process, more freedom, means a better result.

You can hear “Pels dies bons” in its entirety on Pau Vallvé’s Bandcamp. He is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo.

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