Honest, unpretentious and catchy – the first video from Colombian singer-songwriter Paula Arenas is a perfect example of pop music that gets you on the first listen, but remains engaging even after a dozen repeats.

“You know so much about life but don’t really know how to live,” she sings in “Nada” (Nothing), her first solo single that’s been spinned many hundreds thousands times already around the web channels, and deservedly so.

Just like the video, the song is beautifully simple – or simply beautiful. With Paula’s captivating voice and such immediate main theme there was gimmicks were required. And when she sings, “You know there is something wrong/ Between you and me /And you don’t care nothing,” you actually feel everything’s right.

Although “Nada” has been already a big success for Paula, it’s just a first taste of her upcoming material that she’s been working on together with acclaimed Colombian producer Julio Reyes Copello.

With this premiere Paula also started the countdown to the release of her awaited debut album, due later this year. Let’s hope it bring more of “Nothing” like that.


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