Paulo Carvalho

Paulo Carvalho is a singer and composer from São Paulo. The sound of his first two albums – “De longe” (2007) and “O amor é uma religião” (2012) – mixed pop and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). Now the musician is preparing to release his third album called “Carvão”.

“Qual o Porquê?”, the first single from this upcoming work, is a grandiose song. Mainly because of the arrangement and conducting by Arthur Verocai, who led a Brazilian orchestra of 20 musicians: violins, violas, cellos, horns, flutes, double bass and percussion.

The song is a partnership between Paulo Carvalho and the musician Marcelo Jeneci. In the lyrics, they ask about the origins of some things related to human feelings. But possibly the music itself can communicate regardless of the verses sung in Portuguese.


Photo: Jonas Tucci

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