Paweł Sulewski

Inspired by the beauty of nature, “Aphelium” lets us sink into an immersive electronic soundscape.

After his lullaby-filled debut album, „Soothing Modular Sounds Not Only for Babies” (2021), Paweł Sulewski returns with his sophomore opus.

“Aphelium” was inspired by the flora and fauna of the largest national park in Poland, located along the Biebrza river and famous for its marshes. Perhaps this is why it sounds so picturesque.

The music is fluid, organic, and bustling with life, even though the compositions are predominantly electronic. Juicy, mostly midtempo beats are accompanied by layers of richly textured sounds to create an engrossing, serene atmosphere.

Stylistically, there is a mix of influences, with hints of IDM, ambient techno, downtempo, etc. Sulewski makes use of modular synths, field recordings, and even some live instruments, producing a concise and highly pleasurable album.

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