Warsaw-based producer Bartosz Kruczyński likes samples almost as much as he likes the letter P, as all his music projects – The Phantom, Ptaki, and Pejzaż – seem to start with this letter.

You might have come across the first two names mentioned above in our Best of 2015 (look at no. 18) and Best of 2014 (see no. 7). Pejzaż, which means Landscape, is the producer’s new solo project based on dusty samples and minor additional arrangements.

As a teaser of more to come from this new initiative, Kruczyński recently released two nostalgic tracks titled “Miasta Mrok” (“City Dusk”) and “Wisła” (the name of Poland’s longest river that also flows through the capital).

With their laid-back, warm atmosphere, both songs might remind you about the most adorable things we have heard from Ninja Tune. But if you happen to live in Warsaw, you’ll find it a perfect sound illustration of this year’s sleepy summer in the city.


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